At Xanadu Nature Estate our values are deeply intertwined with protecting the natural environment. Our environmental management team focuses on managing and conserving our biodiversity. As a registered conservancy, our Environmental Management Plan leads the way in guiding the sustainability of the natural, indigenous and bio-diverse environment of the Estate.

With our focus on conserving and protecting the environment, our residents have the unparalleled opportunity to live closely alongside nature. Ungulates such as blesbok or nyala roam the Estate and smaller creatures such as mongoose, porcupine and bush-babies live in the woodlands. We are home to 280 different species of birds which can be observed from 4 different bird hides scattered throughout the Estate.

The Estate seeks to make life for you comfortable and easy while also providing you with the tranquillity that only nature can provide. Our passion for the natural world has led us to enact several unique conservation and management activities.

Passive Game Capture BOMA

The Estate is home to a diverse mix of wildlife and can accommodate high numbers for a quality wildlife experience all the while ensuring the sustainability of the reserve. Our Passive Game Capture BOMA plays a critical role in this.

After several trials, the Passive Game Capture BOMA was determined to be the best fit for our wildlife. It houses sick animals, assists with game capture and restocking to introduce new genetics. This ensures that our wildlife is healthy, reduces land degradation and preserves the ecological sustainability of our Estate

Plant Nursery

In May 2019 we started work on our plant nursery. This nursery will grow plants indigenous to the Magaliesberg biosphere and enables us to grow our own flora which will be used throughout the Estate making us self-sustaining.

Invasive Plant Removal

An important part of our environmental management is the control of alien trees, scrubs and weeds. The impact of invasive species on the natural veld can cause significant damage — from replacing indigenous vegetation, too affecting the health of wetlands, to altering habitat for wildlife. We actively work to remove invasive species such as Pom Pom Weed, Syringa and Spanish Thistle among many others.


A wetland runs through our Estate. Wetlands are valuable for many ecosystem services. Acting like a sponge they clean and filter the water, slow floodwaters and provide valuable habitat for birds and other wildlife.

Recycling & Waste Management

At Xanadu, we strive to make recycling accessible and easy for all of our residents by working with local waste management companies to educate and lead waste management activities.