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White-winged Tern (R339)

The smallest fresh-water tern in the region. A common non-breeding Palaearctic migrant from central Europe and east to China. It is likely that a large proportion of southern African birds come from central Asia. The main migration route into Africa follows the Nile River Valley, reaching South Africa during September. In South Africa they appear […]

Lemon Dove (R360)

This is a dove occurring in the understorey of lowland and afromontane evergreen forest. In Africa they are distributed from Cameroon, east to southern Sudan and Ethiopia, south through east Africa to South Africa. In southern Africa, in eastern Zimbabwe, southern Mozambique, eastern Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, over most of Kwa-Zulu Natal, south and west […]

Burchell’s Sandgrouse (R345)

The white-spotted, cinnamon breast and belly, combined with the white spotted back and wings render this small sandgrouse unmistakable. Their pinkish-cinnamon breast and white-spotted, brownish yellow back offer ideal camouflage in the red sandy Kalahari landscape. The male differ very little in appearance from the female. In the adult male the face and supercilium pale […]

Chestnut-backed Sparrow-lark (R515)

This sparrow lark derives it name in having a chestnut back and forewings with a wholly black crown. The female differs in having mottled buff and brown above, and has black lower breast and belly, with a faint whitish collar on hind neck. In the male bird the mantle and back is chestnut, head black […]

Grey-headed Gull (R315)

The name is derived from the fact that during the breading season the whole head is grey, bordered by a thin black line, when not breeding the head is white but can then be identified by the red bill with blackish tip and dull red legs. Sexes alike. This is a medium sized gull with […]

Eurasian Hobby (R173)

In flight, the long, pointed wings and relatively short tail give this falcon a swift-like appearance. It is a smallish falcon, upperparts dark slate, forehead white, crown and nape black. Very pronounced black malar stripe with a less pronounced notch behind eye, forming ear stripe, white eye brow. Much of cheeks and sides of neck […]

Caspian Tern (R322)

The international heavyweight of the tern world, by far the largest in the tern family. This tern has a black cap in breeding plumage, loses black cap in non-breeding season, crown becoming streaked. Easily identified by the large dagger-like bright red bill with black tip.Sexes alike in plumage coloration, female slightly smaller than male. In […]